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Two years ago, I started photographing twenty different twenty-year-old girls and quickly realized how aware they were of themselves and the identity they were portraying into the world. During these two years I was allowed to witness their passage from girlhood into adulthood. The project focusses on their personal stories, personalities, histories and their dreams. Often presented in their own words. 

They told me about experiences that helped their adult personality take shape and became an active part of the project. We started our collaboration in 2018 in ‘20X20BY20’ and continued learning from each other in ‘I am growing today’ together with The Mix. 




The Mix is a series of photo-commissions, exhibitions and publications in which the collection of a museum or institution is used as a source of inspiration for new work by contemporary photographers. In my case, the work of Johan van der Keuken was of value for this work and my development as a photographer. In particular the film ‘Beppie’ and the book ‘Wij zijn 17’ were great sources of inspiration. 

"I am growing today" is the first edition of De Mix - Talent Development.

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